Physicians' Surgery Center provides advanced outpatient surgery in a comfortable environment for patients in Lancaster County.

Doctors of the Physicians' Surgery Center

Our multi-specialty physicians provide a comprehensive range of outpatient surgical procedures in Lancaster, PA.

Doctors at Physicians Surgery Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The medical staff of Lancaster's Physicians' Surgery Center consists of over 60 physicians across eight different medical specialties. Each surgeon has met the high standards mandated by our licensure and accrediting agencies. Their continued commitment to studying new medical advances and techniques, along with our modern surgical facility, makes Physicians' Surgery Center the best choice for Lancaster County residents who require outpatient surgery.

Our free-standing surgery center is located in Lancaster, PA and affiliated with Lancaster General Health. We perform surgical procedures in the following medical specialties:

Our Pennsylvania Physicians

David Armesto, M.D.
Roy Brod, M.D.
Joseph Calkins, M.D.
Steven Donnelly, M.D.
Dina Gewaily, M.D.
Kerry Givens, M.D.
Lee Klombers, M.D.
Francis Manning, M.D.
Lara Newman, M. D.
Michael Pavlica, M.D.
Salman Porbandarwalla, M.D.
Bethany Rommel, M.D.
Catherine Rommel, M.D.
George Rosenwasser, M.D.
Justin Shaw, M.D.
Nora Siegal, M.D.
David Silbert, M.D.
Adam Thode, M.D.
David Williams, M.D.
Spage Yee, M.D.
Orthopedic Medicine
Michael Bercik, M.D.
Wayne Conrad, M.D.
Raymond Dragann, D.O.
David Kahan, M.D.
Brian Keener, M.D.
Joy Long, M.D.
Mark Perezous, M.D.
Thomas Renz, D.O.
Thomas Westphal, M.D.
Gary Zartman, M.D.
Pain Management
Michael Fishman, M.D.
George Rung, M.D.
Victor Altadonna, M.D.
Geoffrey Gaunay, M.D.
Mark Hockenberry, M.D.
Robert Hong, M.D.
Mark Jarowenko, M.D.
Kenneth Lessans, M.D.
Christopher Miller, M.D.
Paul Russinko, M.D.
Paul Sieber, M.D.
David Svetec, M.D.
Christopher Woodard, M.D.
Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)
Jeffrey Davis, M.D.
Francis Ruggiero, M.D.
Darren Barbacci, D.P.M.
Eric Krznaric, D.P.M
Dia McCaughan, D.P.M.
Jennifer Mulhern, D.P.M.
Mira Pandya, D.P.M
Aneta Strus D.P.M.
Sean Walpole, D.P.M.
Bronwyn Wilke, D.P.M.
Michael Younes, D.P.M.
General Surgery
Stacey Mazzacco, M.D.
Paul Newman, M.D.
Steven Parker, M.D.
William Bradford, D.O.
John Eichenlaub, M.D.
Sara Eiser, M.D.
Jessica Krebs, M.D.
Charles Krespan, M.D.
Andres Martiny, D.O.
Kent Meldrum, M.D.
Terri Rapp, M.D.
Karen Roberts, M.D.
Nils Stenman, M.D.
Ani Stull, D.O.
Allison Welch, D.O.
Katrina Wyse, M.D.


Many surgical procedures performed at the Physicians' Surgery Center require anesthesia. All anesthesia services are provided by Anesthesia Associates of Lancaster. This highly-experienced medical team consists of more than 40 Anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, and will be an important and visible part of your surgery – before, during and after your procedure.